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About TSD Global

We're all the help you'll need in growing your business. Just say the word and we'll architect a custom solution of live agent teams with cutting edge technology to supercharge whatever piece of your business needs to scale quickly and effectively.

Our Mission

To provide omni-channel customer support, sales and back-office services to our clients as an extension of their businesses, providing value, integrity, and expertise.

Our Story

We're here to revolutionize the customer experience. In today's digital, instant, and connected world of abundant information, consumers won't stand for the automated or single-channel support of yesteryear. They expect a unified, omni-channel engagement with the brands that they love regardless of where they interact, and it's made communication exponentially more challenging.

Our mission is to help brands not only meet this challenge but to exceed it. We meet your channel-hopping customers everywhere they live, play, and work to provide the thoughtful, personalized interactions that resolve issues, build trust, and remove all the obstacles to help them truly love your brand.

Care of this sort is the true key to customer success and growth. We should know, after all – for nearly 30 years, we've been helping clients improve their brand by building highly successful inbound customer service teams to support their products and services.

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4/F 8/10 bldg
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Industry 1General Business
Industry 2Business Process Outsourcing
Established 01/01/2010
Employees 250 >
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Open Daily 00:00
Close Daily 23:00
Contact No.846-0013


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