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Sterling Global Call Center Inc.
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Sterling Global is an International and Local Telemarketing, Market Research and Customer Service Organization, recognized for its dedication for customer service and client satisfaction, while offering a full range of INBOUND, OUTBOUND, and BLENDED CONTACT SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS. Sterling Global offers state of the art systems including predictive dialers, custom software, quality assurance monitoring and immersive training platforms. At Sterling, we focus on our core business values. Our success is built on our highly motivated, professionally trained customer centric workforce. At this time, we are 1,300 employees strong with the capacity to grow to meet our client's needs, offering 24/7/365.

Sterling Global provides its teams with the appropriate tools to optimize their performance and service levels. Our focus is to provide our workforce with the appropriate technology; supported by training, monitoring, review and renewal of success building processes and procedures. This commitment of support includes our telephony networks comprised of local leased lines, international connection broadband, predictive dialers and customer management software that can be adapted to meet the strict demands of our clients and their customers.

Sterling Paper Group of Companies has a 60 year track record of success, starting as a maker of photo albums and stationeries to emerge as a conglomerate of successful businesses ranging from retail, import, export, school and office supplies, toys, real estate and agricultural research and development. Sterling Products services markets in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Egypt, Latin America, South America and the United States.
Sterling's commitment of being a market leader in the categories it enters is shared by Sterling Global.

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15th F, Raffles Corp. Center
Now Hiring!
Industry 1General Business
Industry 2Business Process Outsourcing
Established 01/01/2003
Employees 101 - 250
Holiday N/A
Open Mon~Fri 08:00
Close Mon~Fri 17:00
Contact No.916-8888


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