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Sole Provider Trading Corporation
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Everything starts with the first step. In Sole Academy's case it started with the first Sole.

The Vision behind Sole Academy was to make available in the Philippines the most sought after and limited edition sneakers found abroad. We asked ourselves: "Why is it so hard for us Filipinos to get the best and most coveted pairs while other countries had them so readily available?" This for us was not acceptable. We promised to put in all the hard work until the dream was realized –the dream of being the first Authentic Multi Brand Lifestyle sneaker retailer to bring to Philippine shores the best lifestyle sneakers the world had to offer – THIS WAS THE DREAM.

5 years and 5 stores strong since we opened our doors we've learned to adapt through the times, create genuine friendships along the way, extract the lessons from our mistakes, and build on our strengths. 5 years of experience brings a lot of wisdom – the most important of which is that anybody can sell a product. We're not anybody. We are Sole Academy - We don't sell a product, we sell an experience. With that being said, we feel we are now ready to embark on a new journey to complement the booming Sneaker Lifestyle scene in Manila. We bring you the SA'ICHI experience! Embrace it.

- Carlo Trillo
editor-at-large (

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Red Flower Compound, Elizabeth St. cor. Sun Valley Drive
Not Hiring
Industry 1Manufacturing
Industry 2Clothing / Garments
Established 01/01/2018
Employees 51 - 100
Holiday Holiday Special Holiday
Open Mon~Fri 08:00
Close Mon~Fri 17:00
Contact No.846-8031


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