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Hallo Hallo Job joins Bulacan State University’s “Job and Livelihood Fair 2018”

Date posted: 05/31/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Hallo Hallo Job participates in Bulacan State University (BulSU)'s career fair organized by Dr. Keno Piad, head of Placement and Public Employment Service Office (PPESO), together with 50 companies on May 29, 2018 to help students to find the best career opportunities that will lead their success in the future.


The university is devoted in bringing an internationally-recognized and industry-responsive education programs to the deserving and qualified students not only in Bulacan but also in nearby provinces. With BulSU's mission to produce highly competent, ethical and service-oriented professionals, the the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) awarded BulSU as one of the Center for Excellence and Development institutions in the country and one of the Training Centers nationwide for teachers pursuing education in areas beyond their specialization. BulSU has accredited programs under Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP).


Bulacan State University main campus is located in City of Malolos, Bulacan Province, has four campuses and has an international campus in Hong Kong that offers graduate and collegiate degree courses. BulSU offers Bachelor in Fine Arts, BS in Architecture, BS in Landscape Architecture, BA in Broadcasting, BA in Journalism, BA in Malikhaing Pagsulat, BA in Mass Communication, BA in Theater Arts, BS in Accountancy, BS in Accounting Technology, BS in Business Administration, BS in Entrepreneurship, BA in Legal Management, BS in Criminology, BS in Home Economics, BS in Hospitality Management, BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management, BS in Tourism Management, Associate in Computer Technology, Bachelor of Industrial Technology (Computer Technology), BS in Information Technology Bachelor in Industrial Technology, Bachelor of Laws, Juris Doctor, BS in Nursing, BS in Civil Engineering, BS in Computer Engineering, BS in Electrical Engineering, BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering, BS in Industrial Engineering, BS in Manufacturing and Engineering Management, BS in Mechanical Engineering, BS in Mechatronics Engineering, General Engineering, Bachelor in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Library and Information Service, Bachelor in Secondary Education, Bachelor of Technical-Teacher Education, Bachelor in Physical Education, Bachelor in Sports Science, Bachelor in Physical Education (with Major), BS in Biology BS in Environmental Science, BS in Food Science, BS in Mathematics, Bachelor of Public Administration, BS in Management Economics and BS in Psychology.


"Let's make our BulSU community a place of opportunity", Master of Ceremony, Mr. Christian Marcos said during his opening remarks at Job and Livelihood Fair 2018. Afterwards, a ribbon cutting was held to formally open the event. Dr. Cecilia Gascon, President of BulSU, welcomed the graduating students by asking them challenging questions that will help them prepare for the real world beyond the four walls of the campus: "What's your plan after graduation? What company do you want to apply? Do not just ask what job or business you want, but more importantly, why do you want it?".



With over 6000 students that will graduate this coming 3rd week of June, most of them showed their interests in applying on Hallo Hallo Inc. as Web Designer, Mobile Application Developer (IOS), and Front End Designer (UI/UX Developer-Mobile and Web). Some also showed their enthusiasm in joining Hallo Hallo Entertainment Inc. as Production Staff, Graphic Designer, Social Media Assistant and Marketing Assistant.


"Contributing to the development of our nation is nothing other than performing at our best in the job that we land to." Dr. Gascon advised to the students.

Hallo Hallo Job recruits new members for Movie Stars Cafe, joins Jobquest “Trabaho for Every Juan” Career Fair 2018

Date posted: 05/24/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Hallo Hallo Job (HHJ) continuously participates in two-way link job solutions, JobQuest job fair to recruit more qualified members to join their growing team.

HHJ focused mainly in presenting job openings from the company's soon-to-open Movie Stars Café (MSC) during the two-day "Trabaho for Every Juan" event on May 21 and 22 at Trinoma Mall Activity Center, in preparation for its launching at Eton Centris Mall this year.


Some of the vacancies from MSC include Restaurant Manager; Kitchen Manager; Head Chef; Restaurant Supervisor; Purchasing Assistant; Dining Staffs such as Dishwasher, Busser, Server and Bartender, Kitchen Staffs for preparation, pastry, pantry, grill and sauté; Cashiers; Receptionists; Performers such as dancer and singer; Video Editor; Video Jockey or Video Operator and Sound Technician.



Several applicants showed their interest in applying for HHJ as Kitchen and Dining Staffs at MSC and some other openings from Hallohallo Inc. and Tavolozza Inc.

In line with this, 30 other participating companies offered more than a hundred local and international job postings in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Employment, Public Employment Service Office, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Ayala Malls, supported by DZAR SMNI News Channel, LED Events Management Services, Mindtality Assessment, More Than Jobs Inc.,, Seaman, Web Phil Info.Com.Inc.

Mapúa Cardinals ready to take bigger opportunities

Date posted: 05/23/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Hallo Hallo Job joins 57 other companies in the top IT and Engineering school in Manila, Mapúa University's 2nd leg of career expo on May 22, 2018.

Around 1,000 Mapúans were seeking employment and internship opportunities at the career fair, and most of the students are eyeing to be employed in Hallohallo Inc.'s IT positions namely Web Design, Mobile Application Developer, and Front End Designer, while Tavolozza Inc. is looking for graduates eager to join the team as Programmers and C# Developers.


If you're a graduating student sa Mapúa, we have a series of seminars that we require them to attend. There's the career development seminars which is sponsored by partner companies namin. 'Yung labor education seminars naman sponsored ng DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) and ng POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) para aware sila sa legal aspect ng employment nila sa future," shares Raymond Dela Cruz, Placement Coordinator of Center for Career Services Office.


The biggest Engineering school in the Philippines is known for producing top-notchers in board exams, and recently, five out of 10 of the top-notchers from the May 2018 Civil Engineer Board Exams results are from Mapúa University.

These results proved that incoming freshmen can expect a good future when enrolling in Mapúa. "Pag tinignan mo 'yung board exam results, ibig sabihin we are providing good education to our students. Kasi hindi mo naman ma-top 'yon kung walang good knowledge sa field nila e."


"If you have big dreams, start here," Dela Cruz also quips, mimicking the university's catch-phrase. Students can apply in their courses in Architecture & Design, Engineering & Sciences, Engineering Management, Social Sciences, Multimedia and Visual Arts, and Double Degree Programs.

"Leveling your Dreams” Job Fair 2018 at Lyceum of the Philippines University

Date posted: 05/15/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) partnered with Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) to provide career opportunities to graduating Lyceans on LPU's "Leveling your Dreams" Job Fair 2018 on May 10-11, 2018.

Lyceum of the Philippines University prides itself with its long and rich tradition of Academic excellence through the legacy of its founder, Dr. Jose P. Laurel. LPU is the only university in the Philippines founded by a president of the republic.

By fulfilling the core values and mission-vision of LPU to its students, LPU was granted autonomous status and awarded as one of the Philippine's Top 20 Universities by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Also, LPU is the only university in the Philippines who passed the accreditation of International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE). Recently, Former President Benigno S. Aquino III formally recognized and awarded Lyceum of the Philippines University - Manila with the Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management in the 16th Philippine Quality Award.


Hallo Hallo Job (HHJ) together with 130 companies joined LPU in their two-day fair at their Manila Campus from 8:30am – 5:00pm to support students in their job hunting and provide possible professions after their graduation.


Mr. Roberto Zozobrado, Center for Career Services and Industry Relation (CCSIR) Director thanked all the companies who attended their 1st end-semester job fair event during the opening remarks. CCSIR conduct job fair twice a year before the semester ends to help their students and alumni who seek for internship programs and employment vacancies.


With over 1000 graduating students waiting to march on the 3rd week of June, most of them showed their interest in applying for Kitchen Staffs, Dining Staffs and Receptionist to be assigned in Movie Stars Café (MSC) that will open soon. Aside from MSC vacant positions, HHJ also presented positions from Hallohallo Inc., Hallohallo Entertainment Inc., and Tavolozza Inc.


LPU offers undergraduate programs in AB Multimedia Arts, AB Journalism, AB Mass Communication, AB Legal Studies, AB Foreign Service, BS Psychology, BA Accountancy, BS Customs Administration, BS Business Administration, BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, BS Information Systems, Associate in Computer Technology, BS Computer Engineering, BS Electronics Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering, BS in International Hospitality Management, BS in International Travel and Tourism Management, and BS Nursing.

Visit HHJ's website ( and official Facebook page (@HalloHalloJob) to get the latest updates on our upcoming schedule of campus tours.

Hallo Hallo Job partners with Philippine Star for Career Fair 2018

Date posted: 05/09/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Staying true to their goal of bringing employment opportunities to Filipinos, the Philippine Star holds its two-day Career Guide Job Fair 2018 on May 6 and 7 at Trinoma Mall Activity Center presenting over a thousand job openings from its 29 partner companies in Metro Manila, in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) NCR Quezon City, Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Quezon City, Pilipino Star Ngayon, Ayala Malls and U-rated.

With the presence of DOLE, PESO, U-rated, and Pilipino Star Ngayon representatives, a ribbon cutting was held to formally open the event. This is the first job event organized by Philippine Star this year, joined by Hallo Hallo Job (HHJ) providing a list of openings from more partner companies and Hallohallo Inc., Circus International, and Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. which are all part of the alliance.



Most of the positions presented by HHJ were from Movie Stars Café (MSC) which will soon open this year, where several applicants were attracted by the position of Video Editor. They immediately underwent an on-the-spot interview conducted by HHI Human Resources representative, Ms. Azenith Bismar.

Some of the vacant positions from MSC are: Restaurant Manager, Kitchen Manager, Head Chef, Restaurant Supervisor, Purchasing Assistant, Dining Staffs, Kitchen Staffs, Cashiers, Receptionists, Performers, Video Editor, Video Jockey and Sound Technician.


"On behalf of the Philippine Star, we hope that through this event, our exhibitors will easily find the manpower requirements they are looking for and our jobseekers who are already here may find their dream jobs, the perfect employment match today," Philippine Star Career Guide Manager Ms. Arlyn Servanez said.

University of Santo Tomas holds Career Fair 2018

Date posted: 04/17/2018
by Hallo Hallo



Aimed to produce the university's pride and to empower Thomasians to a meaningful and purposeful career, University of Santo Tomas (UST) joins hands with its partner companies including Hallo Hallo Job to feed their students the best career opportunities possible in its three-day career fair on April 11-13, 2018.

UST, the oldest existing university in Asia envisions itself as a premier Catholic institution of learning in Asia, committed to the professional and moral formation of her stakeholders for social transformation.

The university is moving towards a direction of making its partnership with several companies around the world stronger, as they are very proud that their students ranked very high in competencies.


"Show how you can best market yourselves to the companies with your 21st century competencies. Show them where you're good at, show that UST ranks first among the private universities in the Philippines in terms of most favored graduates by employers," said one of the administrators in UST.


"To our students study them well and decide what company best fits you where you can apply your competency. For some, this can be a life changing day. To our beloved students never forget where you came from UST once you soar high in your career for we know you deserve just the best," UST's new Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Cheryl Peralta concluded.

Philippine Daily Inquirer holds Job Market Caravan at University of Makati

Date posted: 04/06/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Hallo Hallo Job joins Philippine Daily Inquirer's career expo together with 23 other companies at University of Makati on April 4, 2018 to contribute in helping the students find a job right away after their graduation and to find the quality candidates they can hire.

University of Makati aims to mold highly competent professionals and skilled workers from Makati residents while inculcating in them good moral, values and desirable personality through their offered courses and degrees.

The university also envisions being the primary instrument where university education and industry training programs interface to lead the youth into productive citizens and IT-enabled professionals who are exposed to the cutting edge of technology in their areas of specialization.



According to Mr. Jose Gil Pineda, Human Resource Manager of Philippine Daily Inquirer, they are focusing in campus fairs right now but they also have commercial job fairs alongside. The broadsheet also offers job vacancies to look for potential individuals to join their growing team.

"For schools, we try to match it with their requirements. If we go to technical schools, mostly we try to invite technical, engineering companies. But with universities with different courses, we advertise it to our partner companies then sila yung pumipili kung saang campus nila gusto mag-join."

"As much as possible, try to identify first your personal goal and then match it with the company which you can see you can be happy in," Mr. Pineda advices the students.

National Teachers College embarks on its road to 90 years

Date posted: 03/26/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Celebrating National Teachers College's nine decades as the premiere institution in the country to offer General Education leading to a Bachelor of Science in Education, Hallo Hallo Job joins its yearly campus fair on March 16.

About 1,000 graduating college students will receive its diploma this March, but before setting foot in the real world where career opportunities await, the future professionals attended its job fair to help them land on the career they plan to take.

As the school celebrates its foundation day with a theme "March on with Change", Corporate Secretary and NTC Board of Trustee, Veronica D.R. Infantado expressed confidence among the graduates' skills and abilities that may play important roles in the companies. "There will be challenges along the way which with the right attitude and perspective will only make you stronger and better individuals."

This year, the job fair invited 35 exhibitors to cater their students who are taking Education, Psychology, Business Administration, Accountancy, HRM, and Information Technology.


Shaping the student's values

NTC inculcates value formation through lectures and seminars among its students which shape them to become hard-working, persistent, and responsible professionals.

"Kami sa Guidance Office, marami kaming seminars na ma-hone ang values ng bata: self-esteem enhancement, stress management, and building responsible relationship," says Head of Guidance and Placement Center, Grace Ayessa C. Bernabe.

She added that though technical know-how can be acquired at the workplace, it is important to build good behavior and habit that each one must possess in order to reach their dream job.

"Change should not be something to be feared, it is something you should welcome. Embrace the change, be the change. Show the world what NTCians really are; that you have brilliant minds and benevolent hearts," Ms. Infantado proudly shared.

Earlier this year, Ayala Corporation's AC Education acquired 96% of NTC's shares. Through this change, ACE invests on building improvements that will make NTC become a world-class institution and its students further contribute to the national productivity.


News: 16/58
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