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University of Santo Tomas holds Career Fair 2018

Date posted: 04/17/2018
by Hallo Hallo



Aimed to produce the university's pride and to empower Thomasians to a meaningful and purposeful career, University of Santo Tomas (UST) joins hands with its partner companies including Hallo Hallo Job to feed their students the best career opportunities possible in its three-day career fair on April 11-13, 2018.

UST, the oldest existing university in Asia envisions itself as a premier Catholic institution of learning in Asia, committed to the professional and moral formation of her stakeholders for social transformation.

The university is moving towards a direction of making its partnership with several companies around the world stronger, as they are very proud that their students ranked very high in competencies.


"Show how you can best market yourselves to the companies with your 21st century competencies. Show them where you're good at, show that UST ranks first among the private universities in the Philippines in terms of most favored graduates by employers," said one of the administrators in UST.


"To our students study them well and decide what company best fits you where you can apply your competency. For some, this can be a life changing day. To our beloved students never forget where you came from UST once you soar high in your career for we know you deserve just the best," UST's new Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Cheryl Peralta concluded.

Philippine Daily Inquirer holds Job Market Caravan at University of Makati

Date posted: 04/06/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Hallo Hallo Job joins Philippine Daily Inquirer's career expo together with 23 other companies at University of Makati on April 4, 2018 to contribute in helping the students find a job right away after their graduation and to find the quality candidates they can hire.

University of Makati aims to mold highly competent professionals and skilled workers from Makati residents while inculcating in them good moral, values and desirable personality through their offered courses and degrees.

The university also envisions being the primary instrument where university education and industry training programs interface to lead the youth into productive citizens and IT-enabled professionals who are exposed to the cutting edge of technology in their areas of specialization.



According to Mr. Jose Gil Pineda, Human Resource Manager of Philippine Daily Inquirer, they are focusing in campus fairs right now but they also have commercial job fairs alongside. The broadsheet also offers job vacancies to look for potential individuals to join their growing team.

"For schools, we try to match it with their requirements. If we go to technical schools, mostly we try to invite technical, engineering companies. But with universities with different courses, we advertise it to our partner companies then sila yung pumipili kung saang campus nila gusto mag-join."

"As much as possible, try to identify first your personal goal and then match it with the company which you can see you can be happy in," Mr. Pineda advices the students.

National Teachers College embarks on its road to 90 years

Date posted: 03/26/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Celebrating National Teachers College's nine decades as the premiere institution in the country to offer General Education leading to a Bachelor of Science in Education, Hallo Hallo Job joins its yearly campus fair on March 16.

About 1,000 graduating college students will receive its diploma this March, but before setting foot in the real world where career opportunities await, the future professionals attended its job fair to help them land on the career they plan to take.

As the school celebrates its foundation day with a theme "March on with Change", Corporate Secretary and NTC Board of Trustee, Veronica D.R. Infantado expressed confidence among the graduates' skills and abilities that may play important roles in the companies. "There will be challenges along the way which with the right attitude and perspective will only make you stronger and better individuals."

This year, the job fair invited 35 exhibitors to cater their students who are taking Education, Psychology, Business Administration, Accountancy, HRM, and Information Technology.


Shaping the student's values

NTC inculcates value formation through lectures and seminars among its students which shape them to become hard-working, persistent, and responsible professionals.

"Kami sa Guidance Office, marami kaming seminars na ma-hone ang values ng bata: self-esteem enhancement, stress management, and building responsible relationship," says Head of Guidance and Placement Center, Grace Ayessa C. Bernabe.

She added that though technical know-how can be acquired at the workplace, it is important to build good behavior and habit that each one must possess in order to reach their dream job.

"Change should not be something to be feared, it is something you should welcome. Embrace the change, be the change. Show the world what NTCians really are; that you have brilliant minds and benevolent hearts," Ms. Infantado proudly shared.

Earlier this year, Ayala Corporation's AC Education acquired 96% of NTC's shares. Through this change, ACE invests on building improvements that will make NTC become a world-class institution and its students further contribute to the national productivity.


Miriam College aimed to give career opportunities to their students

Date posted: 03/26/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Miriam College (MC), formerly known as Maryknoll College is a catholic educational institution primarily for women that offer academic programs on pre-elementary to post-graduate levels at their Quezon City campus. MC provides quality and relevant Christian education that prepares students to become effective leaders, lifelong learners, and productive citizens.

On March 22-24, 2018, Hallo Hallo Job (HHJ) and 60 companies joined Miriam College in their three-day job fair at their Henry Sy Sr. Innovation Center Auditorium. Miriam College is one of the universities tied up with HHJ this year.


Dr. Gail R. Galang, PH. D., head of Institutional Partnerships and Programs Office reminds the students "when you post your profile on online portal, be sure that you're always representing our school."

Five companies including HHJ introduced their association to MC students and gave some pointers and tips when applying for their first job. One of the speakers, Ms. Arlyn Fausto of ABS-CBN also encourages students and said "fail fast and recover fast. Allow yourself to discover yourself," as the professional world will still be a training ground for the career path that you choose and you want to pursue.


Miriam College offers undergraduate programs in Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication, BS Biology, BS Environmental Planning and Management, BA International Studies, BS and BA Psychology, BS Social Work, BS Entrepreneurship, BS Accountancy, BS Accounting Technology, BS Leisure and Tourism and Associate in Computer Technology. With over 1,500 college students that will graduate this coming May, students from BA Communication, BS Accountancy and Associate in Computer Technology showed their interest on their mock interview in joining the growing team of Hallohallo Inc. (HHI), Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) and Circus International Philippines Inc. as Production Staff, Account Executive, PR Assistant and Programmers.


Visit HHJ's website ( and official Facebook page (@HalloHalloJob) to get the latest updates on our upcoming schedule of campus tours.

Hallo Hallo Job eager in joining career events

Date posted: 03/22/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Hallo Hallo Job (HHJ) presents new job vacancies from Hallohallo Inc. (HHI), Circus International, Hallohallo Entertainment Inc., and its affiliates as they took part in JobQuest's two-day employment event together with over 50 other companies at Megatrade Hall, Megamall on March 20-21, 2018.

Most of the job seekers are applying for programmer in Circus International, where some of the qualifications include a graduate of Information Technology or Computer Science who is able to write a clear designed code, develop and improve websites, and possessing a skill in php 5, and JavaScript CSS 2/3.


HHJ has been continuously showing eagerness in joining job fairs by different organizers every month. These past few weeks, the company started focusing in career fairs arranged by colleges and universities all over Metro Manila to support their students in job hunting after their graduation.

Although the campus tour began last year, it started occurring continuously this February. Now, HHJ has already visited eight schools in just a month; and is looking forward to see more of these campus career fairs in the coming weeks.


Visit HHJ website ( and Facebook page (Hallo Hallo Job) to discover our job openings and postings; submit your application and get hired!

Metro Manila College trains their students to become professionals ready to face the career world

Date posted: 03/21/2018
by Hallo Hallo



Metro Manila College (MMC), a TESDA-accredited private educational institution organizes it's annual job fair for senior high school and college graduating students in their campus gymnasium last March 17, 2018 where Hallo Hallo Job (HHJ) together with over 20 other companies joined the career event.


The program officially started with a career orientation. The first one came from a representative from More than Jobs where he talked about pre-employment preparation, the tips on how to get hired, how to create their resume and how to win an interview.

The school's Guidance Councilor also talked about the in-demand jobs in the country as recommended by the Department of Labor and Employment and Commission on Higher Education. The third speaker, on the other hand, tackled about career advancement programs such as master's and doctoral degrees; and lastly, is about their image, on how they should carry themselves during interviews.


MMC, formerly known as Novaliches Academy, has been committed to providing quality, holistic education and training for aspiring educators where in fact, they already produced passers in the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT).

The college provides a comprehensive K-12 basic education program as well as higher education programs in the field of education, criminology and commerce; for senior high school program, Academic, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) and Sports. Other offerings include Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) training in housekeeping and front office services and Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) review classes.

As part of organizing their career placement event, the school came up with the list of companies who participated in terms of their offered courses; they decided to tap the associations where their students have higher possibility of being employed. They also invited the Philippine Coast Guard since one of their strength courses is Criminology.


Since more than 1,300 senior high school and 288 college students will be marching on April 14 and 20 to earn a diploma, Ms. Catherine Albano, MMC Guidance and Counselling Coordinator said that they are looking forward to see their students getting employed in good companies. "Nilu-look after namin na they would become more confident and 'yung maging prepared sila i-face yung career world and maging ready in being professional."

Hallo Hallo Job joins Island Exhibit Link’s PRA Careers Expo

Date posted: 03/15/2018
by Hallo Hallo


On March 12 and 13, 2018, Island Exhibit organizes Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) Careers Expo 2018 at Glorietta Mall central activity center. The two-day event seeks to generate a continuous source of qualified candidates for various levels and positions in different industries all over the Philippines and abroad.


Island Exhibit and Event Management Link Inc. is more than 25 years in providing opportunities for career and business growth and known for organizing successful theme exhibits and trade fairs in various shopping malls and exhibit areas both in the Philippines and abroad. They conducted big event job fairs every month except December at SMX Convention Center, SM Megamall, Glorietta Mall and TriNoma Mall.


Over 2000 job seekers registered on the PRA Career Expo and 63 companies joined the two-day event, including Hallo Hallo Job (HHJ) and its partner companies, where they offered both local and international office-based work and field related vacancies. HHJ exhibited over 60 entry-level and managerial job opening for their partner companies and 14 positions from HHJ and its alliance Hallohallo Inc. (HHI), Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE), and Circus International Philippines Inc.


Visit the official Facebook page and website of HHJ to apply and be part of their growing team.

Bestlink College of the Philippines connects its graduates to career opportunities

Date posted: 03/14/2018
by Hallo Hallo


Hallo Hallo Job and 30 companies join Bestlink College of the Philippines in their two-day job fair at the main campus and Millionaires Village (MV) campus in Novaliches, Quezon City on March 9-10, 2018.

Come this April 2018, approximately 2,000 graduating college students from the school's main campus and MV campus will be marching to receive their diploma and take on greater new responsibilities of being agents of change in the society. These future graduates submitted their resume to Hallohallo Inc. and registered at the Hallo Hallo Job website, most of applicants are eyeing to join the company as a Web Designer and Programmer.

Aside from its graduating class, undergraduates and senior high school students are also planning to take advantage of their free time this summer and apply for part-time jobs.03.14.18.jpg?1521430003983

Founded in 2002, there have been an annual increase of enrollees since then. The non-stock, non-profit and non-sectarian institute provides accessible education to dedicated students especially the underprivileged youth. By subsidizing the student's tuition through the Tawag ng Panginoong Foundation Inc, students will pay for the miscellaneous fee only worth 4,000 per semester. Moreover, students can easily apply for scholarship programs.

Guidance Counselor and job fair organizer Ms. Ma. Amable Betis shared "we instill in the mind of the students that humility and being charitable is just two of the best qualities one can have here at Bestlink".


Bestlink College of the Philippines has three branches of campus—the main campus in Quirino Highway, Quezon City, the Millionaires Village campus, and the Bulacan Campus which offer four-year CHED degree programs and TESDA-accredited courses.

On the other hand, senior high school students can enroll in their GAS, ABM, HUMSS, STEM, and Technical-Vocational courses for the next school year. Students can look forward to the school's free uniform, books for one year, and exciting activities such as science camping and stage play.

News: 8/45
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