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Living Water System Inc.
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LIVING WATER has been in the business of supplying healthy drinking water for almost three (14) years. Given its vast marketing experiences and a solid development foundation, our company has carved for itself a formidable position in the supply of healthy drinking water in the Philippines.

Being the first to launch in the market a unique marketing approach, LIVING WATER popularize the 3-N-1 system – PURIFIED WATER, MINERAL WATER, ALKALINE WATER in just one refilling station. This technology attributes to the drastic growth of our practical Franchisees who want to give their customers the best option on what to buy on their budget, taste, health preferences, and the freedom to choose – that is all LIVING WATER all about.

Holding on its firm belief to continuously innovate and improve, LIVING WATER has been able to anticipate market demands, explore and introduce new products to meet the needs of its broad clientele, and has become a trendsetter in this industry.

Following years of painstaking planning, LIVING WATER has now introduced lucrative investment opportunities for individuals and corporate entities keen to have a share in this enormous β€œwater market", to engage themselves in an easy-to-operate and almost risk-free business.

LIVING WATER 3-N-1 WATER REFILLING STATION is a comprehensive investment program tailor-made for you to give you high investment returns. They use the latest Reverse Osmosis Technology in their system to produce the highest quality R.O. water.

Besides that, Alkaline System improves the microbiological properties of the water. This improves absorption by body cells, improves metabolism and increases the metabolic waste-carrying capacity of the water; all attributing to better health.

Their business is undoubtedly based on experience. They supply all the knowledge and training's needed in putting up the water refilling station, from technical know-how to marketing strategies to make sure that the franchisees succeeds in their business – the LIVING WATER REFILLING STATION.

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W8B CCMC CPD., Industrial Area Veterans Road
Not Hiring
Industry 1Wholesale / Retail Trade
Industry 2Other Categories
Established 01/01/2004
Employees 101 - 250
Holiday Others
Open Mon~Fri 08:00
Close Mon~Fri 17:00
Contact No.876-9418


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