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Isearch International Company
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iSearch International Co. is an institution specializing in student & internship visa processing services established last July, 2008.

iSearch started processing student visas to the United Kingdom; and sending students in the UK gave iSearch the opportunity to grow from a mere visa processing company into career management consulting as it is now providing guidance to its successful students in the process of designing their career paths in the UK. iSearch is now doing this same process in Australia as it gained a direct affiliation to Einstein College of Australia.

iSearch also assists teachers and nurses become eligible to practice their professions in New Zealand; and lately serves our Hospitality and Tourism students, graduates, and practitioners get exposure in the renowned hotels in the United States of America (USA) through its Internship/Traineeship program.

iSearch International Co. is committed to provide spontaneous assistance in the entire tedious visa application process up until the visa approved client's deployment to whereever in the world. Each student visa applicant is personally handled by our dedicated and knowledgeable visa consultants who impart comprehensive and substantial information on documentation and give interview briefings vital to ensure a successful visa application.

iSearch International Co. is in partnership with international companies abroad committed to provide best quality service based on international standards. iSearch International Co.'s existence is primarily for the purpose of uplifting the lives of our dear Filipinos. As such, iSearch is operating with three (3) branches and one (2)satellite office, of reach by every Filipino; and its dynamic research and development team is continuously digging the globe for every opportunity therein for our Filipinos because we believe that we can only live that benevolent mission if we are able to send even just one member of every Filipino family to a better, if may not be the best, opportunity overseas.

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Unit 212, Centro Buendia Building
Not Hiring
Industry 1General Business
Industry 2Business Process Outsourcing
Established 01/01/2008
Employees < 10
Holiday N/A
Open Mon~Fri 08:00
Close Mon~Fri 17:00
Contact No.523-1335


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