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Shift Engineer
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Position Junior Level/ 0-2 Years Experience Employees
Type Engineering / Sciences
Location Quezon City
Holiday Others
Work Hours 08:00 AM - 17:00 PM
Dress Code Casual
Language Tagalog / Filipino, English
Benefits SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, Other
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Responsible for ensuring that the terminal is operating smoothly and efficiently. Monitors and checks the whole terminal and other facilities for any irregularities and abnormalities.

Responsible for the strict implementation of safety and security rules within the facility. Supervises the Emergency Response Team in event of a pipeline leak, product spillage, fires, or tank truck incidents and assist in the clean-up operations.

Responsible for the enforcement of all safety measures and environmental practices and procedures in all work activities in coordination with the HSSE Officer to prevent injuries and damage to properties and environment.

Supervises pipeline transferring/receiving operations and determines which storage tanks to direct or receive the incoming product. Coordinates with Subic Pumping for pipeline transferring activities.

Supervises and checks the line-up of all issuing tanks prior to tank truck loading operations in coordination with PTT-Clark.

Acts as the Inventory Management Specialist (IMS) who checks the inventory of tanks and product

issuance through the Oil Movement Transfer Log (OMTL), Daily Inventory Record (DIR), Tank Gauging

Report (TGR), and Pipeline Transfer Receipts (PTR; after PL receipt) in a daily basis and sends them to the Operations Supervisor for checking and distribution. Also prepares End-of-Month reports (EOM) and PTR Summary Reports after the last day of the month.

Conducts the necessary investigation in finding out unusual product losses/gains, cite possible reasons for these, and recommend possible solutions to stop or prevent recurrence for similar situations.

Coordinates with the independent surveyor for all pipeline receiving activities and reconciles all records with them. Supervises the sampling of storage tanks which received product and ensure samples are immediately/properly transported by the surveyor for the required Certificate of Analysis or product re-certification. Monitors and follows up quality control tests required for certain products after completion of product transfer.

Supervises the Bulk Operator/Jet A-1 Specialist in the quality control procedures on Jet A1.

Ensure all records are updated and applicable tests are regularly performed by the independent laboratory personnel as per accepted Jet A-1 EI/JIG standards.

Responsible for reporting any unsafe conditions, potential hazards, mishaps or accidents to the management and HSSE Officer.

Conduct scheduled safety inspection of buildings, operations and safety equipment, and work areas.

Prepare necessary material requisition, work order, scope of work, bid documents or justification in relation to the maintenance or repair of terminal or pipeline facilities.

Develops future capital expansion recommendations to improve the terminal and facilities.

Ensures the proper housekeeping in the work area and implementation of scheduled/required cleaning, maintenance, or repair of equipment as reported by other sections.

Performs walk-around inspection of the whole facilities during idle time.

Performs other duties that may be assigned by superiors from time to time like filling-in for Bulk

Operator's absences during product receiving/loading rack supervision or performing relief supervisor assignments and other related jobs.


A graduate of civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial or chemical engineering.

Exposure in a petroleum company is an advantage.

Minimum of 3 years' experience in bulk operations or similar field.

With supervisory exposure or senior operator exposure handling field operators.

Able to write reports clearly and communicates with Operations personnel counterparts.

Computer literate (Microsoft Office).

With valid driver's license (restriction 1, 2 3, 4 & preferably 8

Job Features

  • SSS
  • Junior Level/ 0-2 Years...
Primary Job Role:
  • Engineering / Sciences
Secondary Job Role:
  • Other Categories
Employment Type:
  • fulltime
  • Others
Work Location:
  • Quezon City
Business Hours:
  • Open 8 AM
  • Close 5 PM
Dress Code:
  • Casual
  • Tagalog / Filipino
  • English
Minimum Year of Experience:
Field of Study:
Education Level:
  • General Transport Services

Company Features

Company Benefits:
  • Philhealth
  • HDMF