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Export Sales Manager
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Position Manager / Assistant Manager
Type Sales / Marketing
Location Paranaque
Holiday Others
Work Hours 08:00 AM - 17:00 PM
Dress Code Business
Language English
Benefits SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, Other
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Duties and Responsible:

- Administer all export of goods and ensure compliance to all organizational policies

and procedures; monitor all financial and currency processes and transactions; manage all

communication with export authorities for all required countries

- Design and implement all export strategies and activities and ensure adherence to all project requirements; prepare

all export documents within required timeframe and schedule efficient shipping activities; identity appropriate transportation method in assistance with customers

- Supersive efficient working of sales staff and ensure compliance to all export objectives; design sales strategies according to customer requirement and collaborate with country sales manager

to prepare budget for projects

-Coordinate with management and plan participation in all trade shows and ensure all

activities according to customer specifications; Assist business partners to design efficient distributing strategies for customers and ensure compliance

- Evaluate all reports submitted by sales staff and recommend appropriate changes if

required; maintain all operational records to prepare all projects sale and establish profitability in organization; provide training for all sales and services programs.

- Monitor all existing and propspective markets and assist to identify appropriate busnies opportunities; review all company products and develop and maintain proffesional

relationships with all agents and clients; assist in shipment of warehouse products

- Prepare effective business plan to achieve required product volume and profit and organize all market plans to suit all customer requirements; monitor all specific transactions of all customers for all processes

- Administer all existing clients and ensure optimal level of marketing strategies; design

required consumer promotions for various trade fairs; maintain optimal level of customer satisfaction and asisst to identify new markets

- Manage all logistics for exports activities and prepare required documents; prepare special labels for brands and ensure adherence to all shipping shcedule


- Strong analytical skills, business savvy and the ability to multitak are all essential

- Graduate of any 4 year related course

- Atleast two years experience in brand management

- Preferrably from food manufacturing industry

- Very good communication and presentation skills

- Familiar with the development and implementation of plan and advertising

- Have a good rapport and management of agencies

- Happy disposition

- Willing to travel outside the country

Job Features

  • SSS
  • Manager / Assistant Manager
Primary Job Role:
  • Sales / Marketing
Secondary Job Role:
  • Sales / Sales Management
Employment Type:
  • fulltime
  • Others
Work Location:
  • Paranaque
Business Hours:
  • Open 8 AM
  • Close 5 PM
Dress Code:
  • Business
  • English
Minimum Year of Experience:
Field of Study:
Education Level:
  • Food Products

Company Features

Company Benefits:
  • Philhealth
  • HDMF