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Senior Proposal Engineer
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Position Senior Level/ 2-5 Years Experience Employees
Type Sales / Marketing
Location Quezon City
Holiday Others
Work Hours 08:00 AM - 17:00 PM
Dress Code Business
Language Tagalog / Filipino, English
Benefits SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, Other
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Detailed Job Responsibilities

Duty 1: Proposal / Quotation Management

Commercial Review

Reviews Terms for any deviation from the standard terms and conditions from Emerson

Escalates commercial inquiries to factory / Escalates pricing issues to appropriate support group

Escalates ITC (International Trade and Compliance) issues.

Engineering Review

Validates and calibrates information in the business system/tools and technical references

Reviews configuration datasheet and validates against customer requirements

Performs automated sizing and calculation to validate proper use of the equipment.

Evaluates customer requirements based on product features and offerings and provides the correct product license is required.

Analyses customer requirements and provides recommended product features and build model.

Performs manual sizing and specification review for the selection of the proper unit for standard products.

Validates the Model Number in the business system/tool (Toolkit): code requirements, special requirements, assembly codes

Coordinates with suppliers to determine the part numbers of buyout products Participates in project scoping for a specific project- probe questions re the impact of the project and provide input during the meeting.

Attends scope reviews to learn what the project request is all about

Escalates requests for model creation to the proper support group

Escalates requests to Tool Administrator for systems related concerns

Validates dispute

Escalates model configuration issues to product configuration solutions team

Builds product model string based on customer requirements without system aided tools.

Product and Application Support

Provides product specification information that the customer needs

Relay basic configuration information to ensure proper operation of the installed equipment.

Responds to Level 1 general inquiries and requests received from mailbox and identify need for escalations

Explains product specification and product features to customers

Proposal Creation

Enters quote details, recommended product model codes, and miscellaneous items (documents and services) in system

Generates new or revised proposal

Enters data and required information using standardized templates/forms/business system and update project/contact database

Submits Request for Model Setups

Prepares Clarification, Deviation and Assumption List.

Lead Time and Pricing Determination

Collates prices from system or price book.

Generates and submits Gross Profit Report for approval

Populates the price in the quoting tool upon receipt from suppliers.

Calculates documentation/service cost and fills out document/service quote form as part of proposal

Calculates Freight and packing cost based on payment terms and customer delivery address

Validates and calculates pricing using system tools

Verifies and applies pricing based on project agreement

Performs initial price screening by calculating the final price based on the DOA (Delegation of Authority).

Provides product lead time based on system data (standard product lead time)

Coordinates with the supplier/factory/other support group to obtain product and service pricing.

Coordinates with the supplier/factory/other support group to obtain/identify specific lead time of a product not readily available on the system (may be a custom item with no standard lead time).

Customer Transaction Management

Conducts internal & external kick-off and meetings during the planning stage, to ensure customer expectations is understood.

Coordinates with other teams/support to complete the request of customers

Identifies appropriate transaction levels/Classification/Tier

Creates, monitors, prioritizes and updates CRM requests

Monitors the progress of all transactions

Monitors progress for task completion based on work breakdown structure.

Provides own work estimates and can negotiate turnaround time within

Monitors/Keeps track CRM OD requests.

Logs Inquiries

Identifies Order Tier Saves/Uploads/Archives Communication Records (FileNet, OCM, GMS, CRM, Shared Folders, SharePoint)

Acknowledges receipt of customer emails/POs/RFQs.

Updates order/quote records/data/status in Business System

Documents, Files and Archives correspondence and trade docs.

Records New Customers

Allocates Requests/Tasks/Emails to appropriate individual/support group (Workload and Escalation Management)

Attends emergency/kick-off meetings with other functional groups

Monitors the progress of the issues based on the timeline

Report issues on responsibility to immediate supervisor.

Escalates Expedite Order/Quote Requests

Escalations Handling

Handles escalations from Peers. (Tools/Process-related inquiries/escalations)

Duty 2: Order Administration

Order Screening

Check and extracts customer-specific information from business systems. Assesses customer commercial request / requirement and apply it on the proposal if possible (Terms and condition, Delivery method etc..). Customer details may include payment terms, INCO terms, delivery method, email, PO, customer PO copy, DAF, CDS, vendor quote and similar documents, etc.

Documentation Management/Control

Identify customer documentation requirements and specifications/Reviews customer data and documentation requirements (type, format, copies) against factory standard

Fill outs customer nonstandard records (Non EMR docs - e.g. SDI, Instrument tag list, etc)

Encodes documentation using standard project templates; stores and organizes the documents to the team's repository

Communicates with various department to gather all vendor requirements and submits them to the customer.

Gathers requirements and approvals needed

Checks documentation and forwards modification request to the group that generates the documents

Reviews completeness customer data and documentation requirements.

Reviews and resolves escalated Documentation

Duty 3: Training and Development

Administers training assessment and satisfaction survey

Checks and evaluates training examination using answer keys

Checks training facilities and ensures that these meet the standards

Collates performance data and/or PLJ compliance information from supervisors, or feedback questionnaire

Collects New Product release information

Handles the logistics requirements of training and prepares hand-outs and training materials and provides general administrative assistance/support during execution, and prepares certificates after completion of training

Updates/revises training syllabi, course outlines, lesson plans, and content of existing materials (e.g. presentations, evaluation tools, etc.) for all training

Conducts basic/overview/ awareness training on product, process and ERP/business tools Duty 4: Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Identifies continuous improvement project ideas

Identifies gaps and proposes solutions on Engineering Change workflow processes

Forwards any positive feedback to proper operations group and/or process owner.

Tracks corrective and preventive actions to ensure they are closed in a timely manner.

Identifies and controls the storage, retention, preservation and disposal of documented information.

Maps processes as part of the procedure documentation.

Participates in the execution of Functional Unit Strategic Initiatives/Programs to support the objectives of the management.

Participates in projects related to quality improvement (such as Think Customer, QMS, Perfect Execution, etc.)

Performs quality checks and provides quality feedback/recommendations to peers.

Support projects related to quality improvement (such as Think Customer, QMS, etc.)

Leads a team in handling a continuous improvement project using a problem-solving methodology

Duty 5: Operations Support

Consolidates and sends performance and status reports (KPI, Dashboards, etc.)

Generates Transaction Records (CRM Logging, SSRS Reports, EODN, Etc.)

Generates Backlog/Dashboard Reports

Assists the team lead in identifying team opportunities and challenges. Provide sound recommendations to line leaders and/or stakeholders by translating, enhancing and consolidating information into forms that can be used for decision making of the top management

Job Requirements

Must be a bachelor's degree holder in Chemical, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Control Engineering or any Engineering equivalent.

Must have at least 3 years' work experience in technical proposal generation, and equipment sizing and selection for instrumentation and flow measurement products

Must be amenable to work in Quezon City on a morning shift schedule.

Job Features

  • SSS
  • Senior Level/ 2-5 Years...
Primary Job Role:
  • Sales / Marketing
Secondary Job Role:
  • Other Categories
Employment Type:
  • fulltime
  • Others
Work Location:
  • Quezon City
Business Hours:
  • Open 8 AM
  • Close 5 PM
Dress Code:
  • Business
  • Tagalog / Filipino
  • English
Minimum Year of Experience:
Field of Study:
Education Level:
  • Electrical Installation...

Company Features

Company Benefits:
  • Philhealth
  • HDMF