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First Life Financial Co. Inc.
Protection Your long term financial security.
Pro Life UK
For over 165 years we've listened to our customer's hopes, fears and dreams - Helping them to build better lives. A collection of quotes proverbs, and wisdom on children, career, health, relationships and more around the world.
The Pramerica Life Insurance Inc.
It was voted as the Life Insurance Company in Asia. Excellent Brand. Provide protection plans to your family with financial security you need in case of unfortunate events happen.
Zurich Insurance (Philippines)
A Global Insurer whose strategy focuses on providing the right General Insurance and Life Insurance Solutions for individual, Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.
John Hancock Insurance (Philippines)
John Hancock, The Company as Manulife Financial Corporation trades in the United States. Credit Ratings area Comprehensive measure of Financial Strength. The worlds largest Life Insurance Companies.
CMG Insurance (Philippines)
Is a leading Canada based Financial Service Company with Principal Operation in Asia, Canada and U.S. over 100 years. Guaranteed Lump Sum Cash Benefit, Cash Benefits Payout.
Manulife Financial
Provides guaranteed cash benefits for 15years and Insurance protection in one. Wholly-Owner Domestic Subsidiary of Manulife Financial Corporation has the highest ratings in the industry and one of the strongest Life Insurance Companies in the world.