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Imarflex Battery Manufacturing Corporation
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Corporate Profile

Established in 1986, Imarflex Battery Mfg. Corp has had three decades of product and service excellence in the lead acid battery industry. Our company is dedicated towards producing highly innovative car and motorcycle batteries with the aim of meeting the needs of the next generation. With our own manufacturing plant, our company prides itself as one of the country's few local battery manufacturers. IBMC is a member of the Imarflex Group of Companies and a sister company of the popularly known Imarflex Household appliances brand.

Imarflex Battery Mfg. Corp. has the distinction of being one of the accredited testing facilities of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for Philippine battery standards and specifications. Our level of quality also allowed us to supply well-known original equipment (OE) motorcycle assemblers and manufacturers in the country. This was possible due to our company's operational excellence, systematic distribution capabilities and ingenuity for producing world-class battery products.

Being a proud Filipino manufacturing company, one of IBMC's standards in the manufacturing field is to maintain a high level of technical expertise. Our company thereby invested heavily on continuing technical and professional training not only for our technical personnel, but more importantly, for our dealers and distributors nationwide.

With three decades of experience in the car and motorcycle battery industry, you can be assured that choosing an Imarflex Battery Mfg. Corp. product means that you have found a product that stands for integrity, quality, reliability, technical-expertise, and value.

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F10-118 Mercedes Ave. Lupang Pari St.
Not Hiring
Industry 1Manufacturing
Industry 2Other Categories
Established 01/01/1986
Employees 250 >
Holiday N/A
Open Mon~Sat 08:00
Close Mon~Sat 17:00
Contact No.643-4931 Loc. 67,0906-263-757


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