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Hexagon Group of Companies
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The Hexagon Group of Companies, which is owned and operated by SGS Holdings, Inc. started as a single entity in Bacolod City in 1947 engaged in hardware & construction business.

Mr. Simplicio Gamboa, Sr. founded Bacolod Victory Hardware, which is now known as SGS Hardware Corporation. Diversification to other business fields includes: logging, sawmill, sawn lumber export, ice plant, hotel, cinema, molasses, alcohol plant, sugar trading, etc., among others. Hexagon Steel Corporation was started in 1974 as the first business venture in Metro Manila, with it's main lines included industrial steel products and construction materials. The businesses further diversified into other fields including pump & water systems; industrial electrical control & equipment; car parts & accessories; grain and feed ingredients; chemical and refrigerant gas; dental supplies & equipment; pharmaceutical and veterinary products; finance and leasing; commodities and stock investments and IT solutions.

In 1984, Keylargo International Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore to start the South East Asian business expansion. Hexagon Group of Companies is the management organization tasked to oversee all the business units that is owned by the holding company, The SGS Holdings, Inc.

HGC started acting as the management organization of the whole group of companies by the early 90s. Autonomy of the business units was fully granted by the mid-90s. Currently, HGC has twenty two (22) members/Unit Companies that it oversees which were engaged in different lines.

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Quezon City
565 Foundation Bldg., 1335 G. Araneta Ave.
Not Hiring
Industry 1Wholesale / Retail Trade
Industry 2Hardware / Construction Materials
Established 01/01/1947
Employees 250 >
Holiday N/A
Open Mon~Fri 08:00
Close Mon~Fri 18:00
Contact No.416-6241


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