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Hallohallo Skylark Lending Corp. (Casha)
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Manila, Philippines – Casha, a proud initiative of HalloHallo Skylark Lending, Inc. is the newest salary loan solution for businesses in the country. It is the brainchild of LCS Group of Companies Chairman of the Executive Committee Arch. Richelle Singson Michael, who also acts as Casha's Chief Executive Officer; and HalloHallo, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Yasunari Okada.

“The minds behind this budding FinTech player firmly believe that the Filipino workforce deserves a much better access to financial programs with less the paperwork, lead time and other tedious requirements," as shared by Michael. “Casha aims to disrupt the financial assistance industry in the Philippines."

Streamlined operations and a competent platform paved way to Casha's capability to offer one of the quickest turn-around time locally to-date. Casha's General Manager Jennie Tarrobago said within 24 hours down to an unprecedented one hour from the time the loan request was submitted, the employee's financial assistance is released through his or her Casha (Visa debit) card. Requests, approvals, transaction history, and even credit scoring and online payments, can all be viewed and managed through a Casha online account.

“Let's say someone has a financial emergency, but unfortunately has insufficient funds and is not a credit card holder. Being a Casha member, he can apply for a salary loan online based on his loanable amount, will receive the requested fund in just hours, and can withdraw the money from his Casha card or use it directly to make a purchase. Easy, reliable, and swift service. This is what we want for our members to experience," Tarrobago added.

Any business can be an accredited partner. Setting up is at no cost, loan approvals are essentially guaranteed, and full management of operations are to be handled by the Casha team. Basically, a headache-free and cost-free partnership awaits businesses that will avail of this service. Aside from that, having a less financially-stressed and more focused and happier workforce can immensely contribute to higher productivity in the office space and towards building a more motivated talent pool.

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2/F Pacific Star Building
Now Hiring!
Industry 1Financial / Insurance
Industry 2Credit, Savings / Loan Services
Established 01/01/2016
Employees 26 - 50
Holiday N/A
Open Mon~Fri 08:00
Close Mon~Fri 17:00
Contact No.0998-972-2742


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