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Global City Innovative College
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What do you get when you mix seasoned academicians and energetic entrepreneurs with a common vision for improving the state of education of our country? You get GLOBAL Innovative, short for Global City Innovative College.

In 2002, fate brought together these two seemingly different groups that were asking the same questions: If you would have a chance to operate a school, what would you do differently?

This was the initial question that started it all. The question did not focus on what was wrong with our education system but on what we can do about it … better and different, efficient and effective, sustainable and significant.

Located at the then open spaced Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig, it was the first tertiary educational institution in the Global City Community.

It has grown from its initial program offering BS Nursing to now a total of 11 different innovative programs: Business Administration, Education, Hospitality Management, Tourism, Medical Technology, Information Technology, Caregiving, Professional Culinary and Accountancy and Accounting Technology. Of course, it does not stop there as GLOBAL Innovative continues to look forward to more programs to innovate.

Since its humble beginnings, GLOBAL Innovative continues to Transform Lives through Innovative Education. It has stayed true to its core values of L.I.F.E.: Leadership, Innovation, Fellowship and Excellence.

As it gains and grows in experience, GLOBAL Innovative has remained clear in its mission to educate the whole person through innovative, state-of-the-art, globally focused professional training. It continues its respectable passing rate on board exams, monitors and assists its alumni as it strives to deliver a great student experience.

GLOBAL Innovative has introduced many innovations in its education programs and systems. These innovations brought its own share of challenges, which it has weathered through its positive forward -looking attitude. It constantly guides itself in sound principles and values, which stays true to God and country.

GLOBAL Innovative believes that education is not only a leveling tool for poverty, it is through education that the hopes of our next generation and the progress of our country lies.

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Established 02/22/2002
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