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E-Secure Technologie Inc.
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From its beginning, Swiftstar Group of Companies advent in 2008 the very first company, Swiftstar Logistics Corporation. A domestic corporate freight forwarding company, the group has steadly expanded throughout the years as the need arises. Swiftstar System Corporation, a logistics systems and third party logistics company was set-up in 2011. Then BCapable Inc., a business continuity management and security consultancy in 2012. In 2013, we saw the birth of SLCargo Inc., a land arrangement company covering all over the Philippines.

On it's 7th year, the Swiftstar Group of Companies remains true to it's motto “Personal yet Cost-effective; Flexible yet Operative; Principle – driven yet Innovative", with the introduction of yet another company, E-Secure Technologie Inc. (ESTI), A Security and Safety Automation Equipment and System Company.

Noticing a vacuum in the security and safety industry for a client-driven, economically feasible and personalized security and safety solution yet exhibiting the same robustness and maintaining the same integrity as a full-scale system, ESTI was established in 2014.

Aside from having their own Research and Development Division for both hardware and software, E-Secure Technologie Inc. (ESTI) is also proud of full After – Sales Service and Technical Support. Combining the array of experiences and knowledge from the predecessors and coupled with the expertise and skill-sets of her management team, ESTI has been able to create a niche where it is able to provide a sound turn-key solution from the design phase and then culminating in the evaluation phase. A truly “one-stop" shop where SECURING YOUR LIFESTYLE is her utmost aim.

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Quezon City
50 Banawe Street
Not Hiring
Industry 1Manufacturing
Industry 2Electrical Equipment
Established 01/01/2008
Employees 26 - 50
Holiday N/A
Open Mon~Fri 08:00
Close Mon~Fri 17:00
Contact No.372-3052,0956-617-919


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