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Doña Jovita Garden Resort Inc.
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Doña Jovita Garden Resort, Inc. was established in March 10, 1993 and accredited by the Department of Tourism as Class A resort on October 9, 1998 in the Philippines. It was Incorporated in August 22, 2001, with SEC Registration No. A200112223. The company is committed to providing a total customer satisfaction in producing a trained, motivated and qualified professional work force that is proficient in handling our clients.

Doña Jovita Garden Resort, Inc. is nestled in a 2.5-hectare lot of natural landscape in a not-so-hidden valley at the foot of Mt. Makiling. Along with a mixture of forest and ornamental plants and flowers, a variety of fruit-bearing and shade trees dominate the landscape. The place is a good jump-off point for short hikes to the mountain, high enough to capture a panoramic view of Laguna Lake and its environs.

Every nook and corner of Doña Jovita Garden Resort, Inc. was designed and landscaped without altering the natural terrain and unique features, with its natural reservoir of hot mineral spring water, be soothed and relaxed by its therapeutic wonder. Be it a jaded traveler from the city of the adventurous nature-lover, relax and experience something different and interesting.

The resort has one (1) giant public pool with waterfalls & slides, five (5) medium-size tiled pools, three (3) kiddie pools and four (4) jacuzzis which can be reserved for exclusive use. Warm mineral water can be supplied to selected pools, as desired, making swimming equally enjoyable during rainy days and cold water during summer.

The Mediterranian Annex is where seminar, conferences, training and other social functions such as garden weddings, debuts, baptismal, inductions, and Christmas parties are held.

The Resort has a restaurant, which offers a variety of Pilipino meals and seafood dishes.

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Calamba City
Km.57 National Highway
Not Hiring
Industry 1F & B / Accommodation / Tourism
Industry 2Resort
Established 01/01/1993
Employees 26 - 50
Holiday N/A
Open Daily 00:00
Close Daily 00:00
Contact No.545-3740


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