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Boldr is a purpose-driven outsourcing company. We provide our partners with high-quality, custom solutions that include Customer Experience, Data Management, and Sales Enablement. Above all, we prioritize nurturing positive and measurable growth within our Clients, Company, and Community.

I started Boldr with the goal of revolutionizing the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. A tall order, right? Well, at 23, when I moved from my hometown in California to Manila, I realized that most outsourcing companies were focused on revenue and scaling their workforces. I wondered, why not set an example of how a company could be?

Since mentorship has played a huge role in my own career, I committed to building a company culture that invests in continual professional development, honoring each team member's potential for long-term growth. In addition to that, I wanted to make sure that we were empowering the communities around us. So, we've partnered with nonprofits to provide long-term, sustainable support to the under-resourced youth in our communities.

The best part? Our model works. Over the past two years, 70% of our new business has come from referrals. Within Boldr, we've promoted 14% of our team members and seen under 5% in voluntary turnover (compared to an industry average of 20% turnover). We've also logged over 4,338 volunteer hours with our community partners and supported 43 young scholars worldwide.

As Boldr grows, we'll continue to be purpose-driven. We're committed to making it the standard for outsourcing companies to upskill their workforce and connect their talent pool with social good.

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Unit 501-505, 5th floor of Hanston Building, Emerald...
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Industry 1General Business
Industry 2Business Process Outsourcing
Established 02/01/2017
Employees 101 - 250
Holiday Mon~Fri
Open Mon~Fri 08:06
Close Mon~Fri 00:00
Contact No.(02) 504-030


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