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American Technologies, Inc.
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More than 30 years in the I.T. distribution business. A number of world-renowned brands. Excellent technical support team. These mostly distinguish AMERICAN TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (ATI) from the competition. As one of today's major players in the IT distribution industry, ATI has built a distinct reputation in product reliability coupled with technical support excellence. Marketing dozens of well recognized IT products and catering to constant changes in customer needs are our primary strengths. We have carved in a niche in the market for quality service that has propelled the organization to new heights. With nonetheless customer satisfaction in mind, we have cultivated a clear and cohesive image representing the vision of the future of I.T. in the Philippines.

Today, ATI continues to respond to incredible market demands for new applications to cater mass market needs including that of small to medium enterprise requirements. We attract new customers by our wide range of products and services capitalizing on our trademark reputation.

As a company that embodies the culture of a small Filipino family, ATI offers a good haven for career development for professionals and the like. As part of our reputation building, we make sure our human assets are provided an avenue where their knowledge and skills are well harnessed and truly challenged. We understand the need to be abreast with technological trends and market behavior changes.

ATI envisions of becoming the total technology provider that caters from even the singlest to the most voluminous IT-based requirements of companies, organizations and the like in the country. We believe that the future of I.T. is limitless. We will continue with this direction as part of our goal to serve and upload total customer satisfaction at all cost.

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#5 Ideal Street
Not Hiring
Industry 1IT / Communication
Industry 2IT- Software
Established 01/01/1986
Employees 250 >
Holiday N/A
Open Mon~Fri 08:00
Close Mon~Fri 18:00
Contact No.584-000 loc. 1129


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